Saturday, March 20, 2010

Olympic Lessons

Now that the Olympics are over, I'm left with a lot of good memories, but I also learned a thing or two from the trip, and here are just a few of them.

Shaun White, Team U.S.A. Olympic Gold medalist snowboarder, told me that you need to love what you do to get though the hard parts.

When the Today Show followed me around on my interviews, I learned that they mixed the fun with work. They were working hard on a story that was fun. (And the cameraman told me that you always need to be nice to your cameraman, for they have the right to make you look good or bad.)

I met a lot of reporters in the media room, where I would stay up late at night typing up my stories, and they taught me many things, including that part of a reporter's life at a big event like the Olympics includes junk food and almost no sleep. (I wasn't crazy about the no-sleep part, but the junk food part wasn't that bad.)

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