Thursday, March 18, 2010

Youth Olympics: First Year

By Brennan LaBrie

Now that the Vancouver Games have come to an end, the next stop for this reporter will hopefully be Singapore. That's were the Youth Olympic Games, starting August 14 and running though August 26, will take place.

It will consist of 3.600 young athletes, ranging from ages 14-18, and 26 sports, including archery, football, kayaking and horse-back riding.

But what make this Olympics stand apart the most from the regular Olympic Games is their culture and education program, which over 50 interactive activities crafted along the five, educational themes of "Olympism, skills developmental, well-being, healthy lifestyle, social responsebility, and expressiion, helping them become well-rounded." The Olympic Committee has not launched something new like this for a long time, but have high hopes for this new undertaking.

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