Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Letter: Readers benefit from Brennan's Olympic reports

Plaudits to the Leader for its sponsorship of the coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games by Brennan LaBrie. As a 10-year-old journalist, Brennan was one of about 10,000 reporters covering the Vancouver Olympics and was accompanied by Jack Olmsted, a photographer (videographer) (and Colleen LaBrie, photographer, writer, editor, mother).

Brennan's relation of his experiences of being in Vancouver, with so much excitement and fanfare, was beautifully reported with a child-like, delightful enthusiasm. His observations gave a unique aspect to readers of what it was like to be a member of the press. He enjoyed the privileges, such as getting up close to the Olympic sculpture Fire and Ice, which the public did not share. He attended press conferences, circulated among TV news personnel from all over the world and interviewed celebrities. His reporting gave readers an insight to that world most of us know little about.

The articles, together with the photographs, were a journalistic contribution to the newsworthiness of the Leader.

To have recognized the abilities of young Brennan and to have encouraged him to report on this international event was commendable. This was an inspiring story about a publisher, a young person excelling in a grown-up world, and we, the readers, benefited as well.

Port Ludlow

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