Friday, April 2, 2010

Dan Parker Professional LEGO Artist

LEGO artist Dan Parker rediscovered LEGO at 30 and began to explore the creative and professional possibilities.

In 2000, he formed The TBP Group, a company that produces custom LEGO displays, events, and education venues. Today, TBP is an independent LEGO studio that maintains a comprehensive line of LEGO-related products and services. The facility is open to the public and has made a tradition of engaging other LEGO artists for projects.

Significant projects of the Puget Sound area-based studio include a 400,000-piece Christmas exhibit, a 10-foot Statue of Liberty, and a holiday train display now in its tenth year at a local museum. The company also coordinates fan shows at LEGOLAND, and has produced art pieces for various corporations.

Bodie LaBrie's winning LEGO contest creation.

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