Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fun (and Games!), Too!

By TFK Kid Reporter Brennan LaBrie
February 19, 2010

TFK Kid Reporter Brennan LaBrie reports from the 2010 Olympic Winter Games

I arrived in Vancouver, Canada, on Wednesday, February 17, and found lots of activity on the streets. Everywhere I looked there were signs of national pride. The Olympic rings and the Canadian flag were splashed across everything from T-shirts to skyscrapers. Many messages on billboards showed a sense of humor. One billboard for an insurance company read: Speed skaters can't avoid tail-gaiting, but YOU can!

I'm enjoying myself in Vancouver. The city is surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains, and bridges over waterways. Its downtown district is fun to walk and has a great variety of cool shops and underground malls. Every few blocks there are musicians or art displays. Banners fill the city, and light shows fill the sky. (Read More)

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