Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympics: 10-Year-Old Boy To Blog For News Tribune

Olympics: 10-year-old boy to blog for News Tribune

CRAIG HILL; Staff writer
Published: 02/12/1012:05 am

While stressed veteran journalists at the Winter Olympics look for bars to blow of steam during their down time, Brennan LaBrie will be looking for a swing set.

Brennan is a writer, an editor and a newspaper publisher.

He’ll cover the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C., for his newspaper, Time for Kids and The News Tribune’s Olympics blog.

Not a bad start to a journalism career, especially considering Brennan is just a 10-year-old kid from Port Townsend.

“I work really hard,” Brennan said. “But sometimes I just want to go outside and play in the mud.”

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