Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let The Games Begin!

By Brennan LaBrie, Special to the Leader

(Brennan LaBrie, 10, of Port Townsend, is the youngest reporter among the estimated 10,000 reporters covering Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C. This is his first report for the Leader.)

The excitement is mounting in Vancouver, B.C., as the 2010 Winter Games draw near. Last Thursday I took a pre-Olympics trip up to Vancouver to see the city for myself, just days before all the madness starts.

I found there was already a great bustle on the streets, and everywhere we looked were signs of national pride. The Olympic theme was splashed across everything from T-shirts to skyscrapers. Even advertisers benefited. Many billboards exhibited humor, such as one for an insurance company: “Speed skaters can’t help tailgating, but you can!” (Read More)

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